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Dear Insurance Man, @ circa 15.16 & 15.19

From whence did premiums originate?
Claimant's and the general public!

Due to the Civil Liabilities Bill and statutory law the NHS will be forced to remedy those injured in RTA's as they will not be entitled or ill equipped to pursue the tortfeasor!

The vested interest of the insurance industry is unwilling to supply verifiable data in support of the claims from the same with regard whiplash and fraud allegations. As a result vested interests within politics can skew evidence in favour or disdain any which way they please and get allegiance to pass.

The taxman is forced to reduce the tax burden on many of the large Insurers and any other large businesses alike due to the way our laws are again manipulated.

Finally the discount rate was changed by by by sorry whom?
Where is that person now due to a very rapid intervention and condemnation from the insurance industry!

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