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In my solicitors office example, I didn't suggest the receptionist would have to give advice as to the Limitation Act. I think it was Anon@11:57.

In my example the legal receptionist only has to give advice as to the length of the queue. And if the advice is wrong, and as a result the person goes away when they need not have done, and incurs a loss, the Supreme Court is saying that the Receptionist's breach of duty renders her (or him) liable for any loss or damage caused thereafter.

Indeed at para 25 the court said "It is not unreasonable to require that patients in the position of the appellant should be provided on arrival, whether orally by a receptionist, by leaflet or prominent notice, with accurate information that they would normally be seen by a triage nurse within 30 minutes."

Cue the texts:- "Have you been to A and E in the last three years and weren't told how long you had to wait? the NHS has a cheque set aside for you for £9,452.44!"

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