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I entirely expect that, if they are reintroduced, the following will happen;
- It will be rushed.
- The planning for introducing and facilitating the collection of fees will be so poorly worked out that it will cost 3x any initial predictions.
- Once implemented, the systems & processes used (provided by the lowest bidder) will fail, increasing the cost further.
- Not nearly as much money will be made by reintroducing the fees, and a loss will be incurred instead of a profit, and the fees will increase.
- Tax payers will be left clueless, being told my automated court telephony systems there’s no point in calling about the fees because they can’t offer any advice.
- People will be left with less access to justice.
- (Some) Employers will cotton on to this and treat their staff with less care.
- The person(s) who went ahead with it will continue to listen to the miniature, ethereal version of themselves that sit on their shoulders, and not any of the millions of people who have been trying to warn them about all of the above for years.

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