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Current issues of working in Employment Law:
1. While there is a strict three month time limit for Claimant's to make a claim and a hearing is usually held if the Claimant is one day late, Respondents are free to disregard the Tribunal's order and apply for extensions after the fact.

2. The current Employment Tribunal is completely under staffed and under prepared to deal with basic questions like: can this application be dealt with in an emergency as we have a hearing coming up? and it has been three months since I submitted the ET1, telling me the application is in a pile does not help me!

3. Generally there is a Respondent bias (confirmed by a Central London Employment Tribunal Judge) as they feel that Respondents should have more time (despite ACAS etc).

4. Two years to gain employment rights is outrageous. 12 months is sufficient.

Well done for providing another barrier to justice

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