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For Claimants, this proposal is really just adding insult to injury! And has the employer-facing Tory Government not learnt its lesson from last year's Supreme Court Judgment or are they that terrified by the prospect of a no-deal Brexit?

Put simply, ET claims are now very hard to win anyway, particularly Unfair Dismissal & Discrimination cases. Equally, it is totally unfair that Claimants who have lost their jobs and probably are suffering financially as well as having health issues as a consequences, face the constant threat of Cost Orders from Respondents' lawyers too. So it is therefore, ludicrous to suggest that the Tribunals are sympathetic to Claimants when quite the opposite is true.

Further, speaking to a top Employment Law Barrister recently, they confirmed that in terms of ET claims, it is much easier to knock a case down than to try and build it up. Doesn't this all just remind you of 'It's a Knockout' back in the 1970s & 80s with the various teams/countries trying to carry buckets of water and constantly falling over?

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