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From the Stowe Family Law website:

Philip Kedge
February 26, 2018 at 5:15 pm
Not sure what the big deal is. On several occasions I have, as a McKenzie Friend, conducted advocacy on behalf of my LIP clients at Fact Findings involving DV allegations made against them.

The last one was quite recent where I applied in advance for permission to cross examine on behalf of F in relation to very serious allegations made by the W, including non-consensual sex. The Wife was represented. The Judge refused the application but 5 minutes into my client having to ‘fend’ for himself, it was painfully clear that there was an inequality of arms with my client being lost in the process and the Judge changed his mind and I took over the advocacy.

This was perfectly the correct decision by the Judge. Indeed, had he of not done so, the process would not have been fair and open to a likely appeal. As it went, I did the job that was required and we moved forward with no significant findings of fact.

Phil Kedge
McKenzie Friend
Director of the McKenzie Friend UK Network.

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