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This is the outcome of the 'reform' process started off by Labour's Irvine, Falconer and Straw and continued by Gove and others which has left us with the farcical situation of a dozen or more regulatory and membership associations each competing with the other, judges in the political arena, an American politicised Supreme Court, an American-style Justice Department (MOJ), politico Lord Chancellors, courts which are being shut down, no Legal Aid and unqualified people offering pseudo-legal services. Looking back before Woolf, the system was humming along perfectly well without any intervention needed. Aside from the changes to the courts and judges which have been a complete failure, the other changes were supposed to make legal services cheaper ? Have they ? No. Even a McKenzie Friend is charging £100 an hour. The next Lord Chancellor should start the process of rolling back these experiments. They belong in somewhere like Qatar, not England and Wales.

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