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@ Anon 14:12

I think it’s important to recognise that not all people share your views.

For example, I don’t find I identify myself as English or British any more that I identify myself as Kentish or Tunrbidge Wellian, and certainly wouldn’t support a referendum to for Kent to “go it alone” because it adds more to the national pot than Wiltshire – I haven’t taken to the streets with buses promising to put the extra £0.5m pcm into Thanet beach erosion defences, claim that Kent can work out a deal with the rest of the world in two weeks, and refuse entry to anyone from the North West where there’s greater unemployment and poorer results in education.

If Brexit is about allegiance to a country, when is that allegiance deserved, or do you assert it should be automatically given without thought? And if I give more in taxes than I receive in financial benefits, can I “just walk away”? If that’s the case, why should my automatic, unquestioning allegiance stop at England or Britain or the UK? Why can’t it extend to Europe which has had its longest period of peace since the EU?

In either case, can someone not identify as British and still recognise the benefits of being part of something bigger?

Division often hinders progress; East & West Germany/Berlin, North & South Korea. Progress, historically, has been through unification. Should Wessex and Mercia and Northumbria were still waring with each other and is Queen Anne a traitor for being the first monarch of a united country? The former Baltic states that unified into Germany – the powerhouse of Europe – you believe they would be better still separated?

To you, what is the correct level of unity? Is it conveniently the UK as it is at this precise moment in history and during your lifetime? If so, us Pro-Eu types are to you what you would have been to the Trigovantes or Iceni hundreds of years ago.

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