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Jack Harper - part of me wants to say it would be a shame that we can never share a lift, as I would like to hear your reflections on the profession. But another part of me objects to being tarred with the same brush as the women you appear to have met in your life.
Not all women are feminists with dodgy plumbing. Not all men harass women. Some men have. Some women do it too. Anyone can be a victim and anyone a perpetrator. The major problem is many incidents can be interpreted different ways. Perception is everything, and the only thing that will help is empathy, listening to anyone who identifies as a victim, objectively ascertaining if the incident was harassment etc, dealing with that incident, then putting procedures in place to try and stop it happening again.
Many years ago when I was in practice something happened at a Christmas party. Now there would an inquest about it. But at the time I did not perceive it as harassment, and I still wouldn't. Perception is everything. I am not a feminist, I am not part of the me-too movement, but I can recognise that some women are victims and we should listen. Equally, some men do get a raw deal in the current climate. Doesn't mean anyone should stop listening or speaking to the opposite sex! The modern world is full of grey areas. Shedding a little light on some of them can help us move forward.

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