It’s all B*ll*cks Harold
John Howard

£7.99, Michael Terence Publishing


The author’s 40 years of experience as a country solicitor underpin Harold’s internal monologue. Harold considers the challenges faced by a small country firm, including competition from modern legal practices and the decision to drop legal aid cases, in a lighthearted, comic manner. The reader also comes to learn of Harold’s concerns through his discussions with various clients and colleagues. 

Harold is a likeable character whose cynicism and blunt humour are what one might expect of an older partner in a country law firm. The reader is guided through a series of events in both Harold’s professional and personal life which give an insight into the everyday life of a country solicitor. 

John Howard has adapted his writing style to reflect Harold’s personality by allowing Harold’s thoughts to take control of the flow of the story. At the end of each chapter, the reader anticipates where the story may lead but Harold’s train of thought often takes an different route, keeping the story engaging. 

And do not let the compactness of this book deceive you – John Howard uses his words wisely by covering six years of Harold’s life along with an unexpected turn at the end.


Rachel Shutt is a paralegal in Nottingham