This book is a welcome second edition featuring a number of contributors. Topics are set out in an easily accessible list of chapters. There are comprehensive commentaries and tips for the practitioner who really wishes to understand what makes a clinical negligence case.

The book elucidates the very special requirements for this type of claim and the particular client-care and tactical considerations that arise when dealing with victims of medical accidents.

Author: Paul Balen

£75, Jordans

The passion of the contributors and general editor Paul Balen is evident. He identifies that victims of clinical negligence are usually driven by very different motives and highlights the fact that causation is often the real battleground in such cases.

The book provides a comprehensive summary of funding issues, inquests, human rights and medical products, as well as dealing with procedural issues such as preparation for case management conferences.

There is a useful chapter explaining how best to approach a medical expert and highlighting the process from their perspective. This is a good place to focus for those who are new to clinical negligence cases.

There is tactical advice on settlement and why ADR is important – and the medical glossary and ample clinical notes are a welcome addition to any busy practitioner.

Fiona Mills is a partner at Thomson Snell & Passmore