Family Law 2018

Jane Sendall

£35.99, OUP  


Jane Sendall has produced a comprehensive textbook on a varied and complex area of law that would be valuable to undergraduate and LPC students alike. Not only has she described the practice and procedure of family law in great clarity, but the insights into her own experience provide valuable examples of the day-to-day issues that can arise in these types of case.

Both the breakdown of the text into manageable chapters and the style of writing will enable focused learning. The self-test questions will allow students to identify the areas where they need further assistance. In addition, the easy-to-follow diagrams and flow charts will help students navigate the more complex areas.

Not only is the textbook a great reference point for students, but the Online Resource provides more detail to further learning.

There have been many changes in family law over the last few years, and this book describes those in great detail, as well as explaining the potential impact of the further changes to come.

Tara Wright is a solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, Birmingham