Reviewed by: Eduardo Reyes
Author: Chloë Thomas
Publisher: Kernu
ISBN: 978-0-9573128-2-1
Price: £19.99

Much has been written about the challenge posed to traditional small and medium-sized law firms by the sophistication of major ‘brands’ who are focused on capturing clients. It is easy to forget another side of this story: the huge increase in the accessibility of technology to smaller businesses – an accessibility that has shrunk the natural advantages enjoyed by larger operations.

This book is not written specifically for law firms, but look past the fact that case studies are based on companies like underwear retailer Bravissimo, and this is a clear-thinking, well-structured guide to the basics.

Those basics include frameworks to focus minds on what a business is trying to achieve with its e-commerce strategy, and practical information on hosting and data issues.

Law firm principals may find it refreshing to read a book that assumes they plan to grow.