This book can feel daunting because of its size, but once you start reading you realise it is an exceptionally useful resource for busy child lawyers in both public and private law.

Having taken the advice of the preface to become familiar with the ‘structure’, I found the book’s divisions easy to follow. It deals with issues that arise regularly but also those that occasionally crop up and are more difficult to research. Both the orders available and procedure are clearly set out in a logical order.

Moving on to the most important aim of the book – to be a ‘must-go-to’ source for clear information on relevant case law – there are case extracts and summaries from important cases, with references to other significant cases.

Authors: Charles Prest and His Honour Judge Stephen Wildblood QC

£125, Jordan

It avoids trawling through ever-lengthening case reports to find information that sets out decision-making or guidelines. There is clear guidance and clarification in order to understand the relevant points from each case.

The book comes with a CD (the case law extends until the end of ([2014] 2FLR) but I was disappointed that, in a digital age, both the book and CD do not go further. As practitioners, we are regularly reminded of the new IT age. Like many other practices, mine is trying to be paperless. This book could easily be converted into an online version which could then be updated when a new case changes the law.

Linda Lamb is director of Family Law Partners, Brighton