The Financial Remedies Handbook is an essential reference work which is easy to navigate. The introduction describes the leading cases in financial proceedings, including White v White, Miller and McFarlane. The explanation is clear and straightforward as to what was decided and why that affects proceedings.

We set ourselves the task of finding the correct information for a client regarding a pension-sharing order. Fortunately, there is a section dedicated to pensions and the example given (H v H [2009]) illustrates that the court has the power to order a percentage of the payment at the most recent date of pension valuation and not necessarily what was agreed at first. It might, however, have been useful to have more details about how this could be made into a consent order, together with a practical example.

The book has a useful section on the dos and don’ts of consent orders. Consent orders can be complicated and it was helpful to see a simple breakdown of what the court wants to see.

Many practitioners will appreciate the book’s user-friendly sections, which are not overloaded with too much information. This value-for-money volume is heartily recommended for daily practice.

Izzy Jaques is a solicitor at Parrott & Coales in Aylesbury, and David Pickup a partner at Pickup & Scott in Aylesbury