Successful growth is something we all perhaps aspire to – but how do we achieve it? This book is a helpful guide to that question. Many of us will recall horror stories of solicitors’ firms that grew in the boom years on the back of easy lending and plentiful work, both of which dried up rather unexpectedly. Planned and controlled growth is what is required in an increasingly competitive market.

Managers may need to consider whether growth for its own sake is good. Sometimes the smaller, niche firm is more profitable. It concentrates on both the drivers of growth and the constraints.

Author: Robin Dicks

Law Society Publishing, £99.95

No firm stays the same. Whether the firm is small or large, we need to learn how to plan change and consider what clients/potential clients know about the firm, and how we can improve training and management. The case studies and diagnostic exercises will be useful in measuring these factors. Commercial firms may find this book more relevant to them than the high street lawyer or the legal aid practice.

David Pickup is a partner at Aylesbury-based Pickup & Scott