An impressive addition to the canon of learning on international arbitration, this book celebrates John Beechey’s service as president of the Court of Arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce. Between 2009 and 2015, Beechey, a solicitor and former partner at Clifford Chance, spearheaded many reforms aimed at enhancing the efficiency, integrity and effectiveness of the arbitration process.

A number of leading arbitration specialists, including many of Beechey’s colleagues and friends, have contributed chapters on some of the most pressing subjects facing international arbitration today. These include procedural efficiency, arbitrator independence and investor-state dispute settlement. Notable contributions include ‘The Exposure of Institutions to Post-Award Lawsuits and Attacks’ by Salim Moollan QC and ‘A Few Words on Prolixity in International Arbitration’ by Constantine Partasides QC.

Edited by Andrea Carlevaris, Laurent Lévy, Alexis Mourre and Eric Schwartz

£125, International Chamber of Commerce

This is not a beginner’s text. Only those with a keen interest in international arbitration will be likely to read every chapter, but those who do will be richly rewarded. I enjoyed the chapter from Wendy Miles QC on the ICC’s contribution to better management of time and costs in arbitration. Many of us have long felt that international arbitration has become too lengthy and expensive. As a solicitor within one of the main third-party funders in London, I applaud any initiative that seeks to bring order and control to the time and costs of complex arbitration. As Beechey’s successor at the ICC, Alexis Mourre is one of the editors of this book. I am hopeful that he will be able to continue Beechey’s good work in that area.

The variety of topics covered in the book, and the depth with which those topics are considered, are a testament to the editors, who are four of the world’s most experienced arbitration practitioners. I recommend this book to all students and practitioners of international dispute resolution.

 Steven Friel is a solicitor and chief investment officer at Woodsford Litigation FundinG