Good news for regulatory lawyers – the second edition of Kenneth Hamer’s Professional Conduct Casebook is available.

The first edition rapidly became indispensable for those who practise in the field, but such is the torrent of new cases decided by the High Court and the Court of Appeal that a successor volume became increasingly necessary. The second edition is almost 300 pages longer than the first, while retaining the original 71 chapter headings.

There is therefore a wealth of new material, including around 250 new cases.

Author: Kenneth Hamer

Oxford University Press (£120)

One of the problems presented by casebooks is that they can steadily become larger, without adequate pruning of earlier materials. For the time being that problem has not arisen, although at 821 pages, the casebook is now a substantial tome. One welcome development in the new edition is the addition of key words in the margin beside each case, enabling the reader to see at a glance the critical features of the case in question.

I have no doubt that this new edition will be welcomed without reservation by those who practise regulatory and disciplinary law, and will both consolidate and enhance the book’s reputation. In what must be an extraordinarily time-consuming exercise of reading and distilling hundreds of new cases, Hamer has saved enormous amounts of research time for those of us who toil in the regulatory vineyard.

In every respect, this is a worthy successor to the first edition.

Greg Treverton-Jones QC is co-author of The Solicitor’s Handbook