This is a formidable work. While some parts are introductions to the criminal law, this is no mere student’s textbook.  

There is a clear exposition of the law of parasitic liability in joint enterprise in section 8.5.1; a masterful analysis of the absurdly complex provisions on the encouragement of, and assistance to commit crime under the Serious Crime Act 2007; and a comprehensive and clear review of the meaning of consent in relation to assaults at 17.2 and in relation to sexual offences at 18.2.1.

Authors: Professor David Ormerod, Karl Laird

Publisher: Oxford University Press (£36.99)

In relation to specific offences the explanations enable practitioners to identify the issues – for instance on whether an officer is in the execution of their duty, although they may need references to more authorities than this book has space to provide.

There is one further advantage in buying this work: if it were not part of the publisher’s student offering, it would cost hundreds of pounds.

Anthony Edwards is a solicitor at TV Edwards in London