In her first novel, Dawn Dixon relates the adventures of a legal PA. It is worth noting at the outset the author clearly writes from experience – albeit as a solicitor, not as a PA. However, the stories do not always gel well and occasionally the use of language is jarring.

This is a series of scenarios to which many readers will relate and empathise with the positions in which the characters find themselves. 

One of the challenges, though, when reading this type of novel is ignoring sometimes awkward stylistic elements, such as frequent exclamation marks and attempts to inject energy into the prose. These can occasionally fail.

Dawn Dixon

£12.99, Panoma Press

Apart from these minor irritations, many in smaller legal practices in particular will find some comfort here. For even if they are encountering fictionalised versions of familiar situations, sometimes hearing about them secondhand can be a welcome insight that you are not alone, or facing such issues for the first time. Life at the top of smaller firms can be frustrating – a theme nicely explored here. 

I would recommend this book, but only to those in smaller practices, or those wanting to get a flavour of life in smaller law firms.

Paul Bennett is a professional practices partner who specialises in advising other lawyers at Aaron & Partners, Shrewsbury