Lewis and Buchan: Clinical Negligence - A Practical Guide. 8th Edition


Bloomsbury Professional



Despite the facilities that are available online, what we need in these difficult and isolated times is a good comprehensive clinical negligence reference book. The 8th Edition of Lewis and Buchan is that book.

It is not one to sit down and read from cover to cover. It is a book to dip into. It is full of answers, in search of problems.

The test of any reference book is the index. The index here is detailed, comprehensive, and easy to use. During the time that I have been working from home, I have had occasion to test the book several times. It has never failed to answer.

Locked into my back bedroom, working from home, I am glad that this book is locked in with me. It makes my life a little bit easier and, after all, that is what a good reference book should do.


Patrick Booth is a clinical negligence solicitor at Smith Partnership, Derby