LLP and Partnership Law: A legal and practical guide


Jeremy Callman, Corinne Staves, Elspeth Berry, Naomi Winston


£179.99, LexisNexis Butterworths



This book is an outstanding addition to the library of any partnership professional. Other books and resources we utilise as partnership specialists may have more depth on either the LLP environment or partnership law, but the practical aspects of this book set it apart from other resources. Since it arrived for review, I have used it daily to check a point I think I know, or for research, along with other resources.

It covers the different ways of setting up a general partnership and an LLP, the logistics of launching a firm, global structures, agreements, partners, members and others, and so on.


Each chapter starts with a detailed index that aids research, entitled ‘Read this chapter if…’. For a busy practitioner looking for quick confirmation of a point they think they already know, or as a reminder of key case law, this is an outstanding approach.

For those who do not specialise in partnerships and LLPs but advise on them from time to time, the more basic, and user-friendly and practical, guidance in this book is invaluable.

I am hoping that this is the first of a number of editions over the coming years. If I have a very minor quibble, it is that the ambition of this work – which is significant in combining two distinct areas of practice, partnership and LLPs – means there are occasions where additional depth would be beneficial in respect of the case summaries.

This exceptional book should be on the desk of every solicitor advising in these two areas.


Paul Bennett is a partner at Bennett Briegal LLP, a specialist law firm advising law firms on regulation and partnership law