Housing Law Handbook: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition


Stephen Cottle


£95, Law Society



Like Winston Churchill’s view on Russia, housing law has sometimes been compared to a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. I would suggest that Housing Law Handbook: A Practical Guide, Second Edition is as close to a key as we are going to find.

When browsing through the content, what struck me first was that it covers a vast range of subjects that a housing practitioner can face in their varied daily practice, and yet all these topics are impressively condensed into a manageable volume. The chapters and paragraphs are well-titled, so at a glance you are able to find the exact subject matter that you are looking for. The topics covered are extremely relevant and clearly identified. Although concise, there is plenty of detail on the various subjects for readers to dig into and ruminate upon. The unlawful evictions chapter, for example, provides a helpful recap of all the familiar background while also identifying scenarios and new directions of travel that may not have occurred to many practitioners.

Housing Law Handbook

The book not only gives detailed analysis of the statutes, cases, guidance and rules that apply to its many subject areas, but also clear, analytical advice as to their implementation. It demonstrates great insight into how this body of law is interpreted by the courts.

It is also an extremely practical guide, telling the practitioner how to approach a case and the opportunities and pitfalls to look out for. By way of example, the final chapter deals comprehensively with the very tricky issue of costs and gives the reader a good breakdown regarding the court’s interpretation and likely action when it comes to costs orders.

This is the perfect book to dip in and out of, to find answers quickly and assuredly. An essential aid for every practising housing lawyer.


Daniel Fitzpatrick is a partner and deputy head of housing at Hodge Jones & Allen