Anyone who has seen BBC comedy Twenty Twelve will be haunted by visions of Hugh Bonneville struggling with his Brompton, trapping fingers in hinges and struggling up and down stairs with a partially folded bike.

But, once I had got the hang of assembling mine, I found it relatively straightforward to use. The seat is easy to adjust and, with practice, it’s a great design once you have sussed the fold-up-and-down elements. And what a pleasure to shave minutes off the commute by manoeuvring through the City streets, past the throngs one is used to being part of. Helmet on, naturally.

I’m not sure about taking it to client meetings, but it’s a great addition to the daily routine for getting to and from work.

From £765, Brompton

Charalampos Dimoulis is an associate at Linklaters. This bike was one of 20 loaned to members of the Legal Sector Alliance.