Jack Temple Guilty


Bob Moss


£8.49, independently published



Jack Temple is the senior clerk at Barcourt Chambers, located in Temple, London. He has worked hard to get to his position. This book tells of how he maintains this position, but also keeps the chambers afloat in challenging times.

Jack Temple Guilty

The most interesting aspect of this novel is the introduction of strong and influential female characters making their mark in a previously male-dominated profession. They are intelligent and determined, and are assisted by Jack Temple. He realises that attitudes are changing and chambers needs to be more progressive and forward-thinking.

Bob Moss has brought to life challenges faced by the legal profession: sexual inequality, jealousy, drug taking and deceit to name but a few. Balancing the need to keep chambers profitable, Jack Temple is tasked with trying to change the attitudes of senior members of chambers reluctant to progress, while keeping younger lawyers and clerks in check.

Jack is the key cog in the wheel and this novel makes you understand the inner workings of chambers and how much effort is required to ensure things run smoothly.

The story is an easy read. While the characters are colourful and strong, I couldn’t help but feel that there could have been more intrigue and suspense. This is the second book of a trilogy and I would be interested to see how the character began his journey and ultimately where it will lead.


Estelle Parkhouse is a consultant solicitor and higher rights advocate at Clifford Johnston Solicitors


 MI5, the Cold War, and the Rule of Law


Keith Ewing, Joan Mahoney, and Andrew Moretta 

MI5 book


£80, OUP


Based on extensive archival research, this book analyses the evolution of MI5’s mandate during the Cold War; its surveillance targets; and what it did with information gathered.