• Disability and Development Partners (DDP)

    Disability and Development Partners (DDP)

    NorwichUnited Kingdom

    DDP supports disabled and very poor marginalised people in countries in Africa and Asia through projects implemented by our local partners in Ethiopia, India, Mozambique, Nepal and Burundi. Together we aim to achieve equality of opportunity and inclusion in education, health and livelihoods for people with disabilities and also for people whose disabilities are not immediately visible, such as mental illness and hearing disabilities; and vulnerable people, marginalised communities of former refugees, and tribal communities.

  • KIDS


    LondonUnited Kingdom

    KIDS is a national charity that has worked to transform the lives of disabled children, young people and their families across the country since 1970. In the UK today, disabled children and their families continue to face enormous challenges including poverty, segregation, discrimination, unequal access to opportunities and social exclusion.

  • National Star

    National Star

    CheltenhamUnited Kingdom

    At National Star we have kept our promise to support young people with complex disabilities for over 50 years. A promise to do all we can to help them achieve their aspirations and potential, and develop their independence.

  • Thames Valley Adventure Playground

    Thames Valley Adventure Playground

    MaidenheadUnited Kingdom

    As children, most of us take for granted the chance to get out and about, exploring, climbing trees, visiting the park and hanging out with friends. For our children, and grandchildren, we expect nothing less, but for many with a special need, it just isn't possible. If you have a physical disability, the difficulties are obvious, but, if you have a learning disability or autism, it can be hard to relate to other people and join their games.