• Action Medical Research

    Action Medical Research

    HorshamUnited Kingdom

    Action Medical Research is a UK-wide charity funding vital research to help sick and disabled babies and children. Since 1952 we have contributed to some of the most significant medical breakthroughs in recent history beginning with the polio vaccine which has eradicated new cases of the disease in the UK.

  • Chain of Hope

    Chain of Hope

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    Chain of Hope provides complex cardiac surgery to children from war-torn and developing countries with life-threatening heart conditions. 90% of the world’s children with heart disease do not have access to the urgent treatment they require.

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

    Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is a place where seriously ill children from across the UK come for life-changing treatments. Every day over 600 children arrive at GOSH and the hospital has always depended on public support to give these children the chance for a better future. As the largest dedicated funder of paediatric research in the UK we also play a key role in training children’s health specialists for the future.

  • North of England Children’s Cancer Research (NECCR)

    North of England Children’s Cancer Research (NECCR)

    Newcastle upon TyneUnited Kingdom

    Cancer is still the leading cause of non-accidental death among children in the UK. We need your help to give more children the chance of a long, healthy life. Children diagnosed with cancer often go through lengthy and distressing treatment. Although around 80% of children diagnosed with cancer now survive, treatments often result in long term side effects that limit life expectancy and lead to poor quality of life.

  • The Sick Children's Trust

    The Sick Children's Trust

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    The Sick Children's Trust is the UK's leading provider of family accommodation and support at children's hospitals across the country. For any parent, there's nothing more important than being there when your child is sick, to help them get better. Every day, life for families across the country is thrown into absolute turmoil with the news that their child has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, or has suffered life-changing injuries in a serious accident, and must be rushed to hospital for specialist treatment.

  • Wessex Medical Research

    Wessex Medical Research

    SouthamptonUnited Kingdom

    Wessex Medical Research funds medical research based principally at the Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust but also in the greater Wessex region comprising Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Dorset, South Wiltshire and the Channel Islands. Current areas of research activity include breast, cervical, ovarian and prostate cancer, leukaemia, melanoma, strokes, respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s Disease, autism, childhood disorders including child brain injury and developmental studies during pregnancy.