• A National Translators Interpreters Service - NTIS UK

    A National Translators Interpreters Service - NTIS UK

    ManchesterUnited Kingdom

    NTIS UK is providing services to local councils, legal firms and courts, public sector organisations, local & international businesses. We believe effective communication is a vital part of any dialogue between two more parties. When it comes to understanding languages, NTIS UK is at the forefront of providing interpreters and translators to ensure professional services are acquired by those who require best results. This is one of many reasons why many of our clients have moved across to us from other similar service providers.

  • AlphaBiolabs


    WarringtonUnited Kingdom

    AlphaBiolabs is accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) and is specialised in providing legally-approved DNA, drug and alcohol testing services to solicitors, courts and councils throughout the UK. We work to tight deadlines to bring you the fastest, most accurate results every time. Next-day Legal DNA testing is provided as standard and we guarantee sample collection within 48 hours of instructing a test.

  • DTE Forensic Accounting Services

    DTE Forensic Accounting Services

    BuryUnited Kingdom

    The extensive experience of DTE Forensic Accounting, established in 1989, enables us to provide cost efficient, independent and objective expert evidence and advice in litigation, investigations and disputes. We act on the instruction of solicitors, insurance companies, corporate and personal clients, local authorities and government agencies.

  • Dr Joshua Adedokun

    Dr Joshua Adedokun

    WilmslowUnited Kingdom

    Dr Adedokun has experience in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of chronic pain conditions. He has extensive experience in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence claims with an expanding and ever-growing medico-legal practice preparing reports on the instruction of Claimants, Defendants and on a Joint Expert basis.

  • IT Group

    IT Group

    PrestonUnited Kingdom

    IT Group specialises in IT and telecommunications systems, with complementary expertise in electronics and electrical engineering. The company provides a broad range of consultancy services including Insurance assessment, Forensic IT/Telecommunications/ Electrical systems examination and e-Disclosure, as well as Expert Witness work.

  • Legal Service Translation & Interpreting Ltd

    Legal Service Translation & Interpreting Ltd

    ManchesterUnited Kingdom

    We are an established and a professional translation company, with an excellent reputation within the language and translation industry. We have been providing interpreting and translation services to public service organisations for over 10 years. We provide translation and interpreting services in over 200 different languages. We are able to offer a complete range of high quality interpreting and translation services.

  • Legal Solutions

    Legal Solutions

    ManchesterUnited Kingdom

    We specialise in bereavement services. We can provide commercial and residential security, legal assistance and property clearance and maintenance.

  • Oglethorpe, Sturton and Gillibrand

    Oglethorpe, Sturton and Gillibrand

    LancasterUnited Kingdom

    We are happy to undertake all categories of Agency work in the High Court and County Court.

  • Patient Claim Line

    Patient Claim Line

    SouthportUnited Kingdom

    Patient Claim Line are one of the UK's highest rated medical negligence specialists. Their team of medical lawyers deals with 1 in 10 medical negligence claims in the UK. The service was established in 2014 as a major consumer-facing brand of the specialist medical negligence law firm Fletchers Solicitors Ltd.

  • Prof. Robert A Sells FRCS FRCS (Edin)

    Prof. Robert A Sells FRCS FRCS (Edin)

    LiverpoolUnited Kingdom

    Experience of clinical negligence, Professional negligence, giving evidence in court (as verified by referee). Trained in the legal aspects of report writing and giving evidence in court and in the responsibilities of a Single Joint Expert.