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    Rights of passage

    The Windrush scandal has cast a shadow over government attempts to alleviate the UK’s ‘callous’ immigration policies, undermining aspirations for a ‘Global Britain’. Grania Langdon-Down reports

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    New model army

    Mergers, finance, technology and succession planning were high on the agenda at the latest Gazette roundtable, which discussed changing law firm business structures. Eduardo Reyes reports

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    The Disclosure Pilot Scheme: three months in


    Some of the key changes and how they are working out in practice.

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    SDT decisions

    Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).

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    Five tips for writing a book

    Whether pushing the boundaries of historical realism or updating legal concepts in an academic tome, certain rules of writing will always apply. Katharine Freeland asks authors for their takes on how to write a successful book

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    How to: make the most of PR

    A public relations strategy need not just be for the very largest practices – in a crowded market, firms of all sizes are seeking ways to stand out. Eduardo Reyes reports

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    Paid to persuade

    For decades, government and public affairs practices in UK law firms trailed US-style lawyer-lobbyists. But with Brexit looming large they have been catching up, writes Marialuisa Taddia  

  • Christabel pankhurst

    Women who blazed a trail for the pioneers

    25 March 2019

    The women who came before the first solicitors and barristers - earlier attempts to open up the legal profession.

  • house money

    Data page – March 2019


    The latest data page figures, compiled by Moneyfacts, are now available.