• Sarah Dwight and Richard Atkins

    Roundtable: residential conveyancing

    27 June 2016

    Increased complexity, law reform, demanding clients and market volatility are all front of mind for residential conveyancing solicitors.

  • Piiroundtablemain

    Roundtable: PII

    13 June 2016

    Abolishing the single renewal date helped soften the market for PII, the Gazette’s latest roundtable heard. But a casual approach to risk appraisal and due diligence suggests law firms are storing up trouble.

  • Insurance roundtable1

    Roundtable: Insurance Act 2015

    23 May 2016

    A fundamental change in insurance legislation will give policyholders more power and place risk under renewed scrutiny.

  • Civil roundtable

    Roundtable: civil litigation

    18 April 2016

    Litigators are trained to think on their feet – which is just as well, given the recurrent bouts of legislative and procedural reform imposed on them.

  • Brexitroundtable

    Roundtable: Brexit legal strategy

    14 March 2016

    Anxious business clients are queueing up for advice on the potential implications of a Brexit vote. As the Gazette’s latest roundtable heard, the legal services industry is also gripped by uncertainty.

  • Juniorlawyersroundtable

    Roundtable: junior lawyers

    8 February 2016

    Partnership is not necessarily the ultimate goal for a generation of junior lawyers turned off by stress, risk and internal politics.

  • Planning rt1

    Roundtable: planning for growth

    25 January 2016

    How should law firms grow? Are mergers best or could they even issue 10-year bonds?

  • Roundtable1.jpeg

    Roundtable: social mobility

    7 December 2015

    How can aspiring solicitors gain a foothold in a profession that is perceived as elitist? And how can legal employers change that perception?

  • Roundtable1.jpeg

    Roundtable: corporate counsel

    9 November 2015

    Complex supply chains are a developing challenge for corporate counsel in international companies, affecting everything from tackling bribery and corruption to business continuity, hears the latest Gazette roundtable.

  • Wellbeingroup.jpeg

    Roundtable: wellbeing

    12 October 2015

    Being a lawyer is stressful and legal workplaces are not renowned for their inclusivity. A Gazette roundtable considered the profession’s mental wellbeing challenges.