The Law Society Gazette, which turns 109 next month, has gone through many iterations in print. Today’s issue introduces the first comprehensive redesign for several years and reflects our determination to ensure solicitors from every constituency of a diverse readership are seen and heard in these pages.

We hope that new elements such as regular roundtables, a weekly ‘In Person’ feature and expanded ‘Feedback’ demonstrate that ‘it’s all about you’ – as indeed it should be. One longstanding staple, the weekly Law Reports, will continue online, freeing up more space in the print edition for in-depth news and analysis.

We are also launching a reader-focused ‘Reviews’ section, which might critique anything from a new gadget to the latest tome about intellectual property law. So if there’s a book, film, play or gizmo you’d like to enlighten your peers about, get in touch with reviews editor

Of course, a ‘magazine’ like the Gazette is now about far more than dead trees. Life happens 24/7, to paraphrase the ad, and our recently launched Daily Update enables solicitors to keep abreast of breaking news as it happens through a constantly refreshed website.

The Gazette is, as the fashionable phrase now has it, ‘platform-agnostic’. So, however you read it, let me know what you want to see in it: It is yours, after all.