Last week’s London Legal Support Trust Halloween thrash was held in the appropriately sepulchral precincts of the Royal College of Surgeons, Lincoln’s Inn.

The drinks reception in the Hunterian Museum of anatomy beforehand was certainly not suitable for those of a nervous disposition. Jar after jar of intimate body parts afflicted with all manner of gruesome afflictions – you get the idea. Obiter inspected the lamb cutlets closely after that.

Deserving of a mention at the main event are lead singer of the (extremely loud, but jaunty) beat combo, Dr Funkenstein – in his day job Julian Clark of shipping firm Campbell Johnston Clark. The little Red Riding Hood who harassed everyone to buy raffle tickets was the frankly sinister Amanda Illing, chief executive of Hardwicke Chambers (her ‘wolf’ was David Wolfe QC).

We were also impressed by the never-less-than-dapper attorney general Dominic Grieve who, if he ever gives up politics, would make a splendid chief mourner leading the hearse. Grieve hosted a knockout quiz which required guests to answer questions ‘yay or nay’ by putting their hands on their head or backside (the dignity of office, eh). Grieve is a sport all right; we can’t imagine George Osborne being so accommodating at the Treasury’s (presumably even more scary) Xmas party.