No barricades ablaze at the ‘Save Legal Aid’ demo outside the Ministry of Justice last Tuesday, even if the road was entirely blocked by protesters. But Obiter noticed that lawyers are getting more accustomed to the etiquette of protest. Invited by a megaphone firebrand to ‘not be so polite’, at least five were seen to loosen their ties, one even tweeting that he had.

Handling a steep learning curve with aplomb, some went on to shout obscenities at the MoJ. Michael Fordham QC even brandished a soft avocado pear he dubbed ‘the beating heart of justice that should not be sliced’.

Obiter wondered if Gazette columnist Joshua Rozenberg had got caught up in the emotion of it all, holding up an amplifying mic for a couple of insurrectionist speakers, while standing beside a Socialist Worker banner. Not so: follow the lead and Joshua’s mic led only to a recording device.

Still, Obiter is happy to speculate that next time there will be more than the three police who were on duty for this action. Meantime, let us keep those split infinitives off the protest banners.