Relations between the UK government and judiciary may not be perfect, but they’re probably better than over the channel where the French political class has been transfixed by the discovery of a ‘mur des cons’ in the headquarters of the Magistrates Union.

The wall is a noticeboard for the posting of pictures of individuals denoted ‘cons’, which roughly translates as ‘wallies’ or ‘prats’.

A video posted on a website this week reveals that the majority of individuals thus honoured are politicians of the right, such as former president Nicolas Sarkozy and former minister Eric Woerth.

However it also features journalists and – a nice gallic touch – intellectuals, including economist Jacques Attali and liberal philosopher Guy Sorman.

Apparently the magistrates are troubled by repeat offenders: a prominent sign reads ‘Before posting a prat, check they’re not already here’.

The outcome of the discovery is a spectacular row over the judicial independence, with a Gaullist former minister today demanding the abolition of the Magistrates Union.

Obiter is enjoying the fuss – and wondering who might figure on our own judiciary’s prat wall.