Obiter had a driving lesson this week – first time behind the wheel since a small mishap with a driving test somewhere in south Cambridge (1993).

One incentive to start over – on a hill, in London rush hour – comes with the news that the Law Society Motoring Club (LSMC) could be revving up again.

Obiter-friend solicitor Clive Lambert recalls: ‘In heady days gone past – when trousers were flared and aerofoils conspicuous – we enjoyed many events organised by the LSMC.’

Members enjoyed track test days, skid pan tuition, factory visits, entering a team to competitions, and the acquisition of club badges and key fobs.

But like a neglected classic car under dust sheets in a shamblingly aristocratic outhouse, a little work is needed to make the club roadworthy again. Lambert opines: ‘We still have a members’ list and some standing orders coming in, but did not make a transition to take advantage of the new information era and social networking in particular, before the current recession made jollies at increasingly expensive circuits rather less attractive to practitioners. We are currently dormant.’

Still practising, now as a government lawyer, Lambert is the club’s only committee member, but would ‘love to see the club pass to new hands and revive’. Readers who would like to make this happen should contact him at