Obiter is removing a hat to cheer double Olympic medal winner and Law Society member of staff William Styles (pictured).

Styles won a gold and a silver. And he has already got his own Wikipedia entry.

But now it’s time to ‘fess up. William Kensett Styles (1874-1940) worked for the Law Society between 1897 and 1938, and won gold in the 1908 Olympics and silver in the 1912 Olympics. Both events were small-bore shooting. He came to Obiter’s attention on 7 August when one of his grandchildren emailed the library to ask if it held any information about him. Law Society assistant librarian Emma Harris tells Obiter: ‘He is the first Law Society staff Olympian who we have become aware of. It may have been 100 years ago, but I for one feel very proud to have found him, especially at this time.’

Obiter now waits with bated breath for readers to tell us about all the other Olympic medalists and competitors who have worked at the Law Society.