Hard-pressed Obiter knows what it’s like to be busy-busy-busy, so has full sympathy for the Ministry of Justice’s 31 press office staff, none of whom quite had the time to spread news of the 2010 civil service staff survey results when they were made ‘public’ at the end of January. Fortunately, helpful Obiter is here to do it for them. Apparently, only 34% of staff would recommend the MoJ ‘as a great place to work’, and just 38% think ‘poor performance is dealt with effectively’ in their team. More worryingly for solicitors, only 17% said that when changes are made at the MoJ ‘they are usually for the better’. And a piffling 11% ‘strongly agreed’ with the statement ‘I am proud when I tell others I am part of my organisation’. Perhaps when MoJ staff go to dinner parties they should consider lying to the other guests and pretending to be something more socially acceptable; dare we suggest, a solicitor?