Spending a little time on the traditional pursuits of the lower orders has a long tradition in City firms. Obiter is just old enough to remember being invited to play darts with Herbert Smith partners and selected members of the press in an East End pub (the scores reflecting the lack of a home advantage, shall we say). But in the current climate it seems there is less time for frivolity.

Spectacularly good news, then, to hear about a spot of City Ferret Racing, organised by DAC Beachcroft. Lawyers at the firm aim to raise £25,000 for The Prince’s Trust as part of the charity’s Million Makers Challenge. ‘City Ferret Racing is a simple concept,’ the publicity for the event boasts. ‘The ferrets will race, in a tournament format, through a series of runs, negotiating hazards as they go.’ The winning ferret is the first to get ‘all four paws out of the run’.

The ferret race takes place at lunchtime on 14 September in the forecourt of the London Underwriting Centre. Businesses sponsoring one of the runners may get to lift a genuine trophy in this summer of sport. To bring that dream closer, contact ferrets@dacbeachcroft.com.

The firm has a pretty sizeable insurer client-base, so Obiter assumes ferret racing is safe. And no doubt the four-legged athletes enjoy it, too.