Obiter needs to find a spurious appointment near London’s Bedford Row next month, where friends at Collyer Bristow are refreshing their gallery space to accommodate an exhibition titled ‘new foragers’.

The foragers have found something for everyone. But while it is not the intention of the show, might they have found more than usual for art-loving lawyers in particular?

If your department or firm has gone paperless, leaving you in a nostalgic frame of mind, artist Mandy Hudson’s use of discarded Post-it notes may be just the thing. Richard Stone’s work on acquired paintings, ‘scouring and paring back’ the surface to ‘reveal ghostly shades of what they might have been’, will surely appeal to anyone who has drafted the perfect contract in Word, only to have it ruined by other parties getting busy with a spaghetti of ‘tracked changes’.

The exhibition, at 4 Bedford Row WC1, runs from 4 October until 30 January.