Obiter last week asked for a fictional/historic character whose estate you’d least like to wind up. At least six readers proposed Henry VIII; ‘look what happened to Thomas Cromwell’. Genghis Khan was another popular choice.

Fictional probate clients from hell ranged from Willy Wonka to Mrs Bennett of Pride and Prejudice. But Helen Hall hit just the right note by warning us off Dracula: ‘1: Presumably after his previous legal representative tracked him to his coffin and attacked him with a machete, his nearest and dearest were a tad suspicious of solicitors.

‘2: The estate would generate lots of nightmare issues: assets out of the jurisdiction; tort claims from injured Transylvanian peasants; difficulties generated by the deceased having continued to run his own affairs for several centuries after death; and vampiric or werewolf executors who’d want to meet after hours and have a tendency to kill or enslave you.’

Congratulations: two tickets for the London stage performance of The Woman in Black are on their way.