Obiter’s reaction to the sight of someone eating grapes is normally to deliver a lecture on the virtues of patience. But it seems this isn’t the only danger involved.

According to personal injury firm Edwards Hoyle slips and falls caused by grapes are among the most common types of injury suffered by supermarket-goers. The firm says in past 12 months alone it has reviewed cases involving:

  • A woman in a Leeds supermarket who slipped on a grape in the dairy section, causing severe ligament damage to the knee and ankle on the right leg.
  • A man in an Essex supermarket who slipped on grapes near the checkout; causing muscular damage to his back, knee and leg.
  • A woman in Birmingham who slipped on a grape on the floor of the fruit section, causing muscular pains to the right arm and wrist, as well as bruising to the right leg.

But watch out for pineapples, too. Apparently one woman experienced severe bruising and muscle damage to her back after slipping on a chunk of pineapple in a store in Cambridge.

David Edwards, managing partner, says: ‘It’s fair to say that slips are the most likely cause of injury for people visiting a supermarket; yet we’d never before realised how dangerous grapes can be. If people do have the misfortune to slip in a supermarket it doesn’t mean the supermarket is automatically responsible – quite often it’s the fault of another customer.’

Obiter is going to check that his public liability cover is up to date.