Watch out those readers who find the Direct Line telephone really annoying. A new inanimate object with a boisterous personality is about to hit our screens, and its creators have told Obiter they are planning to make it just as ubiquitous as the famous red phone. As reported last month, solicitors Nick Miller and David Curd are setting up a new comparison website,, that will enable law firms to submit competing quotes for legal work to members of the public. The guys told Obiter that the ‘wigster’ name was spawned by Miller himself during a late-night brainstorming session. Miller, who had a spell as a graphic designer before entering the profession, also did the original scribbling that formed the basis of the wigster character. With private equity backing, the pair revealed that they will be splashing £50,000 a month on advertising, with our horsehair friend set to appear all over the TV, radio and internet. Given the way TV advertising costs have dropped in recent times, that makes for a surprisingly large amount of air time. Brace yourselves.