And so to Australia, where a planned lecture on ‘privacy’ by Lord Justice Leveson will take place on 7 December. Unkind commentators have implied that Sir Brian’s expenses-paid trip, coming as it does straight after the publication of his 2,000-page report, constitutes either an admission of defeat or some sort of long-haul sulk.

But Obiter can reveal his speech to be a cunning tactical move. In showbiz circles, it has long been known that a prominent Australian booking features twice in any career. That is, on the way up (think Abba and the Bee Gees), and on the way down (Tony Hancock’s last tour, say).

From a highly scientific Google search, this seems to be Sir Brian’s first Aussie speech. So unless he stands up before the keen minds of Sydney’s University of Technology and says, ‘Sydney, it’s good to be back’, might this tour not be the launch of a subtle-yet-effective bid for the post of lord chief justice?