With Jackson Day almost upon us and the legal world on the brink of armageddon, it’s nice to know we’re all staying positive. How else to explain the results of a survey that arrived on Obiter’s desk today saying that lawyers are among the happiest workers in the UK.

The exhaustive survey of 2,000 UK adults (around 0.004% of the adult population, but who’s counting?) found that 79% of lawyers describe themselves as extremely happy or happy in their current jobs, against a UK average of 61%. Rest assured, there was no 1 April embargo on this one.

The research by Randstad Financial & Professional, which was in no way designed to create easy headlines in a slow news week, also found just 55% of lawyers are extremely happy or happy with their salary.

Which, in effect, means there are plenty of lawyers out there unhappy with their pay but deliriously happy about it anyway. Happy Easter, folks!