Being a crusty old soul, Obiter abhors change. Having grudgingly accepted that outcomes-focused regulation is going to happen, however, we popped into the SRA’s London roadshow, held over the river at Glaziers Hall, Southwark, hoping for an enlightening crash course.

It’s heavy stuff, some of it - what with the new handbook weighing in at 670 pages (that’s about 1.6 John Grisham novels). But the inventive folk at the SRA, including chief executive Antony Townsend and chair Charles Plant, found a way to hint at the ‘top line’ message for the 200-odd attendees. They presented from directly under a stained-glass window bearing the message (in caps, in case you miss it): ‘CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS.’

So there it is - something of a ‘smell test’ will be applied to solicitors in future. Time to stockpile the Rightguard. Obiter wonders if another window to the left was also intentional, reading ‘LUCEM DEUS TUAM NOBIS’ (‘oh God give us your light’). Presumably there had been no room (or budget?) to add, ‘…-touch regulation and policy of constructive engagement’ (in whatever that is in Latin).

Bit of a missed opportunity.