Plenty of firms are currently weighing up the pros and cons of ABS status – but many more would surely take the plunge if they knew of this extra benefit.

This picture emailed by BT’s press people this morning suggests successful applicants can expect the SRA’s executive director, Samantha Barrass, to deliver the licence in person. The happy moment is captured on a grey day from what we presume is the top of BT’s offices in Newgate Street, London (though to judge by the ominous tilt to St Paul's, some Photoshopping may be involved).

Obiter particularly likes the attempt to create a scroll by rolling up an SRA document as if to swat a fly, then wrapping it with some ribbon from Clintons. BT’s Miles Jobling seems delighted.

It raises the question whether Barrass delivers all official documents in person. Perhaps she has made an appearance at your firm to present a PC renewal or COLP certificate?

If nothing else, it explains the rather tortuous wait for ABS applications to be processed – Barrass can’t be everywhere at once, you know.