It’s not quite the Varsity Match, but Obiter is enjoying watching a classic rivalry ripening between law schools BPP and the University of Law. Especially as this one is underpinned by dog-eats-dog commercial imperatives.

The latest round began with the elevation of the College of Law to university status. Chief executive Professor Nigel Savage last week completed the upgrade by assuming the title of the institution’s first president and (temporary) provost.

BPP has been active, too – luring prospective LPC students with the promise of an additional free course for any graduate who has failed to get a job six months after graduation. Chief executive Peter Crisp says the ‘unique offer… reflects our confidence in the employability of our LPC graduates’.

Prof Savage was ready with a savage put-down: ‘We are not in the business of buy one, get one free.’ Surely there is enough material here for a reality TV must-watch?