When Kenneth Clarke, the 72-year-old veteran minister of the Thatcher and Major years, joined the coalition’s team at the Ministry of Justice, there would have been no mistaking the identity of the man in brown suede shoes when he popped in at Petty France.

But after he shuffled off with his untitled portfolio, his successor may not have been so familiar to the mandarins.

Chris Grayling (pictured) was appointed to the post of lord chancellor and secretary of state for justice after the job was reportedly turned down by Iain Duncan Smith. Obiter suspects he may have got the job because he bears a glancing resemblance to IDS. Seeing his face in cabinet, David Cameron will be reminded less often that his cunning plan to move IDS on came to nought.

Grayling, formerly a minister at the Department for Work and Pensions, has attracted fewer headlines over the years. But to avoid any potential embarrassment, it has reached the ears of Obiter that staff at the MoJ have been given colour pictures of their new boss.