The campaign against the government’s proposed legal aid cuts has brought out the creative as well as the militant side of the profession. Badges, T-shirts and placards bearing slogans from the straightforward ‘No to PCT’ and ‘Save legal aid’ to the more enigmatic ‘Truck off Grayling’ have become familiar sights.

But a campaign poster prepared by a group of Bristol solicitors particularly caught Obiter’s eye. Inspired by the controversial badger cull in the west of England, the poster exhorts the government ‘don’t kill your legal aid lawyer’. Apparently, the featured deceased badger, named Borsok, was given to a local solicitor in lieu of payment by a penniless Polish client.

If PCT comes in, many solicitors may find themselves in a similar position to Borsok. The question Obiter would like answered is, was Borsok run over by a Stobart truck?