You can work on indemnity insurance proposal forms that are being sent daily by email, post, dx and by hand. Or alternatively use them to redecorate your office.

You may miss your best-ever case and your only chance to make legal history. Or you may simply lose out on work. Of course, there may be someone in the office, but if you are not there personally cases may go to a rival.

The office might burn down the moment you go away; although it has never done that so far.

Your partners and staff may run away the moment you leave, although normally they all seem happy you are going away, even if only for a few days. (Query: is that good or bad?)

You will not have to dictate holiday notes that everyone insists on and no one ever reads until you get back. Holiday notes are a well-loved tradition and best given to your secretary to type up on the Friday afternoon before you leave.

All the dissatisfied clients you ever had may launch a class action against you, the moment they see you at the foreign exchange till or buying suntan lotion in the supermarket.

You might meet other lawyers on holiday, all complaining about legal aid, the courts service, and clients.

Stress and tension, irritability and short-temperedness is good for staff morale.

You will not have to pack. Or spend time relaxing, enjoying yourself.

You will not have to buy a box of overpriced ginger biscuits in the airport as you leave to go home. (I do not know why they are ginger, but they always taste the same wherever you buy them, even though someone has glued a local postcard on the box. They are probably all made in Birmingham.)

Happy Holidays!